When I Grow Up…

When I Grow Up…

If you are about my age – you may remember filling in that long jobs questionnaire at Senior School. Along the lines of Do you want to travel? Do you like computers? Do you like numbers? It was pages long. But I remember the outcome.

“Elizabeth Sharpe should be a Nurse, a Nun or a Probation Officer”.

I still don’t get how the Nun came into the equation as I’m pretty sure it didn’t ask me any religious questions, plus I am fairly sure that the Vatican don’t recruit on the basis of a suspect careers computer programme!!

I hadn’t quite decided on a career in the listening professions at that point so recall being slightly disappointed it didn’t agree with my plan of hotel management, or travel and tourism. But without being at all influenced by this direction – I guess I followed its advice. Working in mental health for 20 years and helping people recover from mental ill health is a kind of nursing / probation field. And I didn’t make it into hotel management so maybe I wasn’t ever going to be good at that! In fact, my listening career started after I listened to a radio show (BBC Essex) which had a Wednesday night phone in for people ringing up with their problems, and a panel giving advice. Its still on my Bucket List of jobs to do!

I was pondering today on a different type of package – delivered to teenagers to make them think about their future and how not to live adult life.

When I grow up…

I want to be unhappy
I want to have a problem with food
I want to have an addiction
I don’t want to like myself very much
I want to find it hard to admit to feeling angry or sad or frustrated
I want to feel stressed about small things

As that Aristotle expression says – “Show me a boy at 7 and I’ll show you the man”. It is well documented that experiencing positive early influences can have gigantic impacts on the adult. No 7 year old would want the ‘adult you’ to be sad or unhappy.

Have a quick think now – Would you as a 7 year old have wanted you as you are now? If the answer is an emphatic No – then maybe plan some changes. It is never too late for a new tomorrow.

Thanks for reading. Look forward to your comments.


Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and BWRT Practitioner


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