Top tips to stop smoking

What will help YOU quit smoking?

Congratulations on making the life changing decision to stop smoking!

You are making long lasting positive changes. Every day you don’t smoke is a small victory – these add up to a huge victory over time. You were not born a smoker. Whatever your reason for quitting – you CAN stop smoking.

Why do you want to quit smoking?

You will have your own personal reasons but perhaps these strike a chord with you?

  1. Health worries – either now or future?
  2. Expense
  3. Smell of stale cigarettes
  4. To be around longer for children / grandchildren
  5. Fertility
  6. No more yellow fingers or stained teeth
  7. Being able to smell fragrances
  8. Want to stop inhaling thousands of chemicals
  9. Less colds and flu – less trips to the doctor

Now you are a NON SMOKER

Be nice to yourself and be proud of yourself

Drink lots of water to help the toxins leave your body – eat well and get enough sleep. You will find that your sleeping patterns may change as you are breathing in more oxygen into your system

Download a free quit meter onto your smart phone or computer and watch the time and savings build up. Join an online smoking help group – climb the smoke free mountain together!!

Treat yourself – what can you buy with the money you haven’t spent in a week on cigarettes / lighters?

Sign up for and receive emails and free text support to keep you motivated.

If you miss having a cigarette in your hand – hold something else like a pen or stress ball. Some people find sugarfree gum, lollipops, straws helpful to chew.

Don’t worry too much in the early days over what you eat. It’s better than reintroducing nicotine back into your system

Your brain is learning to re-interpret when you are craving a cigarette and when you are hungry / thirsty / stressed / bored. As a smoker, you will have used cigarettes to replace lots of emotions and situations so start to listen to your body.

Take one day at a time – at the end of the day, its another day as a non smoker so congratulate yourself. Days soon become weeks, months and then years.

Manage the cravings

Enjoy the fact that you don’t have to panic about running out of cigarettes late at night 

Change your routine for a few weeks.  If you associate tea / coffee with having a cigarette, then switch to water or herbal teas.  

Cravings only last a few minutes – set a time and watch the seconds count down whilst slowly relaxing your body and breathing calmly.

Take deep breaths to relax. Picture your lungs filling with clean air.

Drink water – dehydration can trigger you to feel anxious which in turn makes you want a cigarette.

Re-read your list of reasons to quit and work out how much money you have saved so far.

Brush your teeth

Get physical – go for a walk, jog, do some chores, do a jigsaw. Change your thought patterns through self hypnosis or meditation.

You don’t need the “Just One”…. It is likely to lead to a second… third and fourth and then you are back to being a smoker… You can do this….

And congratulations!!  You are a non smoker!!

Can hypnotherapy help me quit smoking?


Hypnotherapy will help you break those triggers between wanting a cigarette and lighting up.  The one you want before a meal, after a meal, when you are happy or sad, stressed or calm, because someone else is smoking or because you are on your own.  The Nicotine Gremlin will be reminding you when it is time to smoke.  Let the power of your own mind tell the Nicotine Gremlin to go away!!

But no therapy is a magic wand – I only work with people who are ready to contemplate life as a non smoker.  If you are booking a session because somebody else wants you to quit – then the chances of success are lower.  

But if you want to quit, then I really want to help you become a non smoker!

What is the Quit Puffin Programme?

Stage 1 – Free phone consultation to find out why you want to quit and see if we are a good match!

Stage 2 – Two and a half hour session either at my office in Essex or online.

Stage 3 – My quit puffin follow up support programme for 3 weeks.

Stage 4 – An optional booster session available.

This whole Quit smoking package is only £297.

If you have a pre-existing significant health condition plus have the support of your GP / Practice Nurse to quit, then I offer my Stop Smoking Programme at a discounted rate.

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