Fees for Sessions

Initial Consultation

30 minutes by phone, online or face to face.  An opportunity for you to discuss what things you are looking to change, and for us to agree an outline of what support I can offer.  

Free!  No obligation to book a session.

Single session

Lasts up to 2 hours and includes an in-depth exploration of what is happening for you plus therapeutic interventions as agreed.  Suitable for single issues such as fears and phobias, resolving longstanding grief, 

£100 for up to 2 hours

Follow up sessions

As discussed at the time of the consultation / first session.    


I went to Liz hoping that she would be able to help with a fear I had since I was a child. She was great at explaining “The Why” and helped me deal with something I never thought was possible. I came out of my session with Liz, relaxed and ready for the next step without feeling anxious or nervous. Thank you.

August 2018

Packages of sessions

Smashing SAD 

Smashing SAD is a programme for eliminating Stress, Anxiety and Depression.  It is a bespoke package tailored specifically to meet your needs but normally lasts for up to 4 sessions plus follow up.  It includes a free consult of up to 30 minutes, 4 sessions of 90 minutes using a blend of BWRT ®, hypnosis and psy-tap, with a complimentary follow-up  session of support by phone.  More details HERE.


Payment plan available

The Addiction Gremlin

Suitable for people who wish to change their relationship with alcohol or gambling.  It is a bespoke package tailored specifically to meet your needs but normally lasts for up to 6 sessions.  This includes telephone and text support throughout the programme.


Payment plan available

Suitable for people who want to stop smoking.  Includes free consultation, one x 3 hours session and free access to the Quit Puffin Programme.  More details HERE

only £225

Discounts available if you have significant health problems due to smoking.

Knowing me

If you would like to understand yourself more or make changes now to have the future you want – this is the coaching programme for you.  

Tailored sessions starting from £150

Payment plan available

Key Points on working with Liz at Live your Life Therapies

A session lasts up to 90 minutes and will involve a mix of approaches such as counselling, hypnosis, BWRT, and other therapies.  The fee paid is for my time and expertise – results can vary and no therapist can guarantee results.  My therapies are not a replacement for medical treatment or psychiatric services.  

If your reason for therapy could be related to a physical health concern, then I will ask you to see your GP first.  In some circumstances, I may wish to write to your GP to let him/her know of my involvement, but I will ask for your permission first.  

Confidentiality is paramount and will be maintained in all but the most exceptional circumstances. You can see my privacy policy HERE

Life happens!! Sometimes things get in the way and you need to cancel with very little notice.  However, unless it is an emergency, then I may ask that you pay for 50% of the session, if it is less than 24 hours notice. 

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