Stress – Are We Coping?

Stress – Are we coping?

The focus for the Mental Health Awareness week this year  is Stress  which has been the target for The Mental Health Foundation who have released a report entitled Stress – Are we coping?  You can download it HERE 

Who experiences stress?

The statistics from the MHF are scary!  

  • This year – 74% felt so stressed at one point, they were overwhelmed and felt unable to cope
  • Around 500,000 people are experiencing work related stress at this moment!
  • From people who reported experiencing stress, the report finds that coping mechanisms include overeating or eating unhealthily (46%), increased alcohol intake (29%), increased smoking (16%).


Signs and Symptoms 

Do you recognise any of these signs and symptoms?

  • Feeling anxious or depressed?
  • Noticing that your mood seems to fluctuate from happy to sad, excited to flat?
  • Feeling unable to deal with minor issues that you previously didn’t find a problem
  • Tearfulness
  • Physical ill health (blood pressure, chest pains, muscle aches, insomnia)
  • Anger or irritability
  • Failure to meet targets
  • Finding that your work performance is decreasing and you aren’t meeting your normal standards
  • Taking more time off sick
  • Not getting on as easily with colleagues or family
  • Changes to eating patterns or weight loss / gain
  • Increased use of substances (painkillers, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, cannabis)
  • Forgetfulness or difficulty focussing

Since seeing Liz I am calmer, happier and more able to deal with difficult situations.  Client review – September 2017

Simple solutions to reduce tension


Hope you have found this useful.  Don’t ignore symptoms of stress in the hope that it will all go away.  If it is causing you a problem, then identify the causes and review your lifestyle.  What change can you make to reduce your levels of stress?





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