Smashing SAD

Stress, anxiety and depression can be crippling. Whether you experience one or all three, the Smashing SAD programme will help ease the effect these feelings can have on your life.

I have 20 years’ experience within the NHS and in the public sector, helping people to stop feeling stressed, anxious or depressed. This is a bespoke programme using a blend of hypnotherapy and coaching for anxiety sufferers to help you get back to living your life.   

What is the Smashing SAD programme?

Smashing SAD is a programme that uses hypnotherapy for eliminating Stress, Anxiety and Depression. It is a bespoke package tailored specifically to meet your needs with four sessions plus a complimentary follow-up session.

You’ll receive a free 30-minute consultation prior to the programme starting to give us both an opportunity to ensure that this is the right package of support for you.   

Each of the sessions will use a blend of BWRT ®, hypnosis, counselling, coaching and psychosensory techniques and principles. You will also be given self-help tips and techniques to use immediately in your day-to-day life.

How the Smashing SAD programme can help you

Goodbye Stress

Is your stress bucket close to overflowing yet?  Learn to let go and feel free from the strains of life.

Ta-ra Anxiety

Lose that churning knot in your stomach.  Feel calm with an increased resilience to face adverse situations. 

'Do one' Depression

Want to say goodbye to your black dog or leave that heavy rucksack of woes behind?  Use the safety of sessions to feel freedom and lightness.

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