Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking with the help of hypnotherapy with Liz at Live Your Life Therapies

I am an ex-smoker. I KNOW that YOU don’t need me to tell you about the gazillions of bad things in cigarettes, or warn you about the dangers of smoking. You will have seen the warning posters and noted the words on sides of cigarette packets. Perhaps your doctor has warned you to stop smoking. Family and friends probably keep nagging you. You know YOU are spending a load of money that is literally going up in smoke. 

So, why not stop smoking with hypnotherapy?

Quit Smoking at home!

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that helps you take back control of your thoughts and behaviours. Rather than the mindless opening of a tobacco packet and sparking up a cigarette, we work together to break those triggers so that you don’t even want a cigarette. Because really, that’s all it is; outdated habits and behaviours that keep you smoking. During your session, I will use a combination of hypnosis and psychotherapy to help you break those triggers.

BUT there’s no point investing in the programme if you don’t really want to quit smoking; I only want to work with people who really want to stop smoking and if that’s the case, with hypnotherapy I can help.

Do you have underlying health problems?  Do you want to quit smoking?  Get in touch because where required, I offer discounted sessions to support people who need to give up but can’t afford to invest in the full programme.

I have stopped and started smoking many times, before my final quit on 1st October 2013.  This one is my final quit because it feels different! 

I also know that my next cigarette would taste horrible, because let’s face it – cigarettes don’t actually taste nice!!! This programme has been put together based on my years of stopping and starting plus working with so many people who want to quit.  It is a programme that makes sense to smokers and doesn’t sound preachy and judgemental. 

If you honestly believe that cigarettes are healthy – then I would be surprised!!  If you want to quit, then I want to help you get there because after all, EVERYONE loves a quitter.

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