Quit Smoking with the help of Liz at Live your Life Therapies

  • Stop smoking session - up to 3 hours of our time to make you a non smoker... now and for the rest of your life.
  • Free consultation to explore why you want to quit and how I can help you become a non smoker.
  • Free follow up session, any time within 6 months to reinforce life as a non smoker.
  • Free membership of the Quit Puffin Support Programme which is totally unique to Live your Life Therapies. A fabulous 21 days of additional support to help you on your journey of not smoking!!

What is the Quit Smoking Programme?

As an ex-smoker, I KNOW that you don’t need me to tell you about the gazillion of bad things in cigarettes, or warn you about the dangers of smoking.  You will have seen the warning posters, noted the words on sides of cigarette packets and maybe been warned to stop smoking by your doctor.  Your family and friends have probably asked you to quit on lots of occasions.  You know you are spending a load of money that is going up in smoke.  Results may vary from my testimonials and reviews, who thank me for helping to make a person into a non smoker.  If you don’t particularly want to stop smoking – save your money!!  Don’t invest with me.  I only choose to work with people who really want to quit!  But…. if you do want to stop – then get in touch!  I would really like to help you stop.


It is only £225.  Which includes up to 4 hours of therapeutic intervention AND the Quit Puffin’ Programme.


If your health professionals would REALLY like you to quit smoking because of underlying health problems, then please get in touch.  Where required, I offer discounted sessions to support people who need to give up but can’t afford to invest in the full programme.

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