Pressure of Life

Pressure of Life

The Pressure of Life for Ant McPartlin

Using alcohol to try and fix it

The outside world can see you as being happy, successful, confident and living life to the full.  But you may be crumbling on the inside.

The Boy next door

Ant McPartlin, the smiling, happy go lucky Geordie lad who, alongside his best friend, Declan Donnelly, has dominated TV screens and award ceremonies since 1990.  Rarely out of the spot light and generally regarded as one of the good guys – happily married, solid best mates with Dec, and in spite of the trappings of celebrity lifestyle, fame and fortune, he has remained grounded, close to his family and considered just like you or me or the ‘fella next door’.

Then somehow, it went wrong.

Ant McPartlin in the Headlines

Ant hit the headlines in June 2017, when he checked in to a rehab centre for support with substance abuse including prescription drugs and alcohol.  The press provided us with accounts of how a knee injury led to addiction to prescription meds, how pain led to depression, how he experienced anxiety and sadness over fertility / not being able to conceive a child and was facing issues with his marriage, leading to subsequent separation and pending divorce.  Being a celebrity didn’t stop the real world from kicking back.  The world / his fans cheered when he re-emerged later in 2017, to present I’m a Celeb looking fit and healthy alongside his friend.

I’m sure I wasn’t alone at feeling sad at the headlines that he was arrested this weekend for drink driving.   There are legal ramifications which will all unfold as the police complete their investigations, but in the meantime, he has checked back into the rehab centre to get some further support.  I’m so pleased that he is investing the time and energy to get back on track, and trust that this proves successful for him.

You and Me

These issues aren’t contained to celebrities with money and fame, as addiction, depression, anxiety, sadness and the pressures of life can affect all of us.  Your father, your brother or your best mate down the pub or on the football pitch could be hiding tears behind the smile or facing problems that you don’t realise.  Or perhaps it is you who is facing issues and complications?

I work with male clients who have a wide range of issues created from work and family pressures, to feelings of sadness, anger or tension, to relying on addictive behaviours such as gambling, cocaine or alcohol for dealing with the difficulties of life.  An addiction or reliance on a substance is normally there for a reason.   Deal with the cause and you will find it easier to change your behaviours.

If you are finding it difficult to change your relationship with alcohol, then you can read my blog on cutting down on alcohol here

Self help tips to handle pressure

If you are feeling sad or frustrated about life – then try these tips

  • Talk to someone you trust. Don’t bottle up your feelings.  There is some wisdom in ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’.  It lifts pressure and help you see situations from an external view
  • Go for a walk.  Fresh air and increased heart rate can help clear the mind and  boost positive endorphins.
  • Take a day off – away from the phone, social media, work. Give yourself some thinking space by stepping back from it all for a while.
  • Get enough sleep and look at your diet. Give your body and mind the fuel it needs to help you deal with pressure. Get enough sleep so that you have the energy and the brain power to work through situations.
  • Know that you don’t have to continue to feel this way. Speak to your doctor or a health professional, or get in touch with a therapist.  Professional help to get you back on your feet and living a life you choose.

Why do clients book to see me?

  1. To find new ways of dealing with the pressures and tensions of life around work, home and relationships
  2. To feel happy and confident
  3. To change their relationship with substances such as alcohol and cocaine,
  4. To change patterns of behaviour such as gambling
  5. To have better relationships with family and friends
  6. To feel motivated and get that Feel Good factor back

Sounds better than living life with feelings of tension, frustration, sadness, tiredness and loneliness, doesn’t it?

Get in touch

If this article resonates, then please share and leave a comment.  Could you or someone you know benefit from investing some time with a therapist?  Get in touch on 07786134541.  It is a free, no obligation call – and could provide the springboard to the future you desire.  Take this time to take back control and get the life and relationships you want.


Best wishes and take care



My coaching and therapy interventions are fast, powerful and confidential.  I work with clients using a variety of tools and techniques.  For people who are at work during the day, I offer sessions during some evenings and weekends plus use  skype, zoom and video messenger.

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  1. Fabulous article, Liz. So pertinent. So many people bury their feelings or simply don’t acknowledge the pressure and tension they live with day in and day out, and the. Something lime this happens for Ant. I hope anyone reading this who needs your help reaches out. I know what fast, effective and confidential help you give your clients!

    1. Thank you Helen – I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I love working with people to help someone resolve the pressures or find new ways of ‘being’.

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