Transformational Therapeutic Coaching

• Weight loss • Health issues such as diabetes • Sports performance • Lifestyle changes • Addictive behaviours • Relationship building • Business coaching • Education • Feeling stuck • Finding motivation • Goal setting

We all have reasons for things not happening. Perhaps your mindset isn’t right. Perhaps you aren’t setting goals that are right. As a BWRT® Master Coach, I will help you transform your life. I will help you identify your goals, what is getting in the way, we will deal with those issues and then together we will create a powerful plan to meet your goals. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It is easy.

Are you struggling to develop your business or meet work targets? Perhaps you’re finding it hard to develop new relationships. Maybe you have you been trying to lose weight or live a healthier life, but lacking the commitment or motivation to put plans into action? A coaching package designed and tailored with you in mind can help you overcome the hurdles that have been blocking your success. You are in control. You will leave every session with a clear plan of how to move forward with your situation.

“People will believe in you if you believe in yourself” Christen Dominique

A coach will help you with reaching that important decision, in understanding the ‘What ifs’ of life and gain clarity on a way forward, pinpoint why you are feeling unhappy or have lost direction or motivation and help you get out of your comfort zone. If you want someone in your corner, who won’t judge you but work with you and your true potential, then start to Live your life to the fullest and invest in you and your dreams.

If you are interested specifically in Performance Coaching for Success TELL ME MORE!

Performance Coaching for Success

Coaching assists in bridging the gap between where you are now, to where you would like to be. It is far more effective than working alone.

A coach achieves this by:

  • Helping to raise the awareness of a client with powerful questioning techniques so they can get clear on what they truly desire and who they are at their core
  • Assisting them to create practical, step-by-step action plans to reach their goals
  • Providing on-going support through any changes or obstacles a client may encounter
  • Providing a client with tools, techniques and strategies to create lasting change and success