No alcohol this week


No alcohol this week!

Wonder how many people are contemplating not drinking alcohol this week or having a few days off booze.  Maybe YOU are intending on just a couple of glasses tonight with Sunday TV or as a final switch off from the weekend, but then from Monday – you have a firm plan to have a ‘dry week’.  Maybe you have even discussed it with your partner.  “This week, we will be ‘good’ and not drink any alcohol.”

I speak to a lot of people who start a Monday with that intention.  I will go to the gym more, get more sleep, feel healthier and not have any alcohol until Friday – maybe even Saturday. 

For those of you who have done this, Monday and Tuesday seems quite easy, doesn’t it  – you have that slight sense of pride as you feel ‘clean’ and rejuvenated.  Then Wednesday – perhaps starting to feel less motivated.  Perhaps Wednesday football or a midweek social or maybe having achieved 3 days of work and feeling the need for a reward or simply ‘deserving’ a glass of wine or a pint?    Thursday is almost considered the new Friday – particularly if you work in the City, so just a swift half or a cheeky little wine and then its Friday… My weekend has started.  Let’s have a little G&T.

Recognising any of this?  The Chief Medical Officer recommends no more than 14 units of alcohol per week, for either men or women.  The number has changed to 14 for men, in case you were thinking its 21 for the males!  It is very easy for the numbers to add up over the course of a week.

So why does it happen?  That we can start the week feeling determined to have a sober week, but then find ourselves slowly changing our minds as the week progresses?

Stress can be a big factor.  Juggling the expectations & commitments of work and home and maybe feeling like life is hitting you from all angles.  Add to that mix, any background issues of grief, trauma, anxiety, low moods or perhaps feelings of not quite good enough. 

Or perhaps its habit?  Having a glass of wine or a beer with dinner, or when you arrive home after a busy day.  Maybe even other people? Go on, just have one or that false economy of it is cheaper to buy a bottle.

If you want to review your relationship with alcohol – then give me a call.  

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  1. Liz Sharpe

    Thanks for commenting, Dale. It makes such a huge difference to have a clear head in the morning, but sometimes its hard to make that decision to not open the bottle.

  2. Dale Darley

    This used to be me… I rarely drink now and feel so much better. It shocks me looking back what I must have done to my body and brain.

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