Other Support

Is it now YOUR time to:

      • Resolve worries, stress and anxious feelings
      • Find your way out of low moods and depression
      • Deal with previous traumas
      • Stop reacting to fears and phobias
      • Deal with longstanding grief
      • Become confident
      • Stop gambling or smoking
      • Get motivated

Life can create all sorts of issues for us.  Maybe you are not even sure what is wrong.  Just feeling low in mood, can’t get motivated to get healthy, change jobs or lose weight.  Perhaps covid and lockdown has increased your feelings of anxiety and worry.  If you are feeling like it is now time to deal with those difficulties, then book in for a free consultation with me today.

There are lots of reasons why people book in to see me.  I can help you change from feeling low, confused, unhappy, scared, anxious or stuck…. to feeling happy, confident, contented, in control and moving on with your life.  It is a partnership.  Let’s see what change we can get in YOUR life.  Let me help YOU get back your sense of control over your well-being and your future.  No judgement.  Sometimes it is just telling me how you want to feel rather than telling me your life story.  Just you and me.   Having a chat and steering a way through to a clear path.

Stressed & / or Depressed

Is stress, anxiety and depression getting in the way of feeling happy, peaceful and content? Work with me and learn ways to control symptoms whilst we stop those issues in their tracks. Click to learn more.

Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight or stop snacking, then get in touch. If there isn't a physical reason for you not being able to break the cycle, then work with me to help change your mindset. Click for more information.

Stop Smoking

As an ex smoker, I know how hard it can be to break the habit. If you have decided that NOW is the time that you want to be a non smoker, then get in touch because I would love to help you quit with ease.

What will happen when I book in to see Liz at Live your Life Therapies hypnotherapy in Essex?

People book in for a variety of reasons.  I have been a therapist for a long time and have a wide range of approaches to help with different situations.  

During your free consultation, I invite you to tell me about what you are seeking to change.  It is an easy going conversation where I can explain what I can do to help.  My approach to working with you is simple.  I want to provide you with as many self help tips and tools so that you can get back in control.  I want to help you have the mindset change so that things that USED to be a problem STOP being a problem. If I am not the right person, I will signpost you to other services which might be able to help you.

I offer a variety of effective hypnotherapy services in Essex including single power sessions to help you review your relationship with alcohol, coaching towards change such as your drinking habits, addictions and weightloss, and finding ways to deal with or resolve Stress, Anxiety and Depression.  Whatever your reason for seeking support, I can offer a variety of solutions to make those positive and permanent changes happen.

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