Good Day / Bad Day

Have you ever thought about the way you start your day? It has a direct impact on whether it will be a Good Day or a Bad Day for you.

Imagine if you had 2 ground hog days? For day 1, you met the people and events with a smile, and on day 2, you met it with a frown. How much difference that would make in turning the day into a Good Day or a Bad Day? In this blog, I reflect on what makes a good day or bad day.

Good Day / Bad Day for my dog

My dog normally likes a slow start to the day, involving food, lots of attention and a long walk. This morning, he appeared to be on a mission to explore the whole field, and bounced like Tigger!

Running through the undergrowth with a sense of purpose. He had places to sniff, corners to mark and potential food to find. Perfect start to the day for him.

Baxter – the muddier the better!
A really perfect day involves deep muddy ditches which isn’t my best start to the day!

Groundhog Day

As I walked to the field, I passed streams of commuters on their way to the station. Speed walking it down the hill – all looking purposeful, but not many looking happy or excited. The majority probably experience this form of groundhog day 5 days a week, with the same routine and same train to catch every day.

Person Centred Planning techniques for Good Day / Bad Day

It made me contemplate what makes a good day / bad day for me. Since being self employed, I now have total autonomy over the start of my day so therefore it should almost always be a day that starts like a Good Day will finish!! One technique in care and support is to help people identify what is a good / bad day and what changes each person can make to improve their day. (Helen Sanderson – Person Centred Planning).

Good Day Bad DayGood Day / Bad Day

If my day starts well, I know that I am likely to continue feeling good all day, and that I will be far more productive and energetic. I feel so fortunate if my day includes activities that are important to me, and challenge my thinking. It makes me feel so positive, motivated and excited about what is around me.

If my day starts badly, then I am more likely to be unproductive, distracted, irritated and lethargic.

I couldn’t find images for my whole perfect day, but waking up naturally (without alarm clock) to a blue sky, dog walk, continental breakfast, seeing my clients, spending time with family / friends, and ending the day with a meal / theatre. Brilliant!!

Bad Day!

I used to work in a place that meant I had to drive at least 1 hour 45 mins in rush hour traffic to get from door to door. Almost every morning, I would be met by a particular member of staff who would say Good Morning and then say….

There has been a problem.

Bearing in mind, I hadn’t had a coffee, checked my emails, said hello to anyone else – this was a bad start of the day!!

Sometimes I would hear about a big problem. Sometimes it would be a small problem, already rectified. Sometimes it would be a near miss of a problem. Most of the time, it was just words, and I wasn’t required to take any action or make a decision. But I would have to hear the whole story before the punch line of ‘but its all OK now’, and as a result of this, I was on tenterhooks for the story.

It made such a difference

It took me nearly 2 months to realise the negative impact that this was having on the rest of my day. I was feeling stressed as soon as I saw her approach me, and would have to take 15 minutes afterwards just to get my head back to gear! When I realised how negative and draining it felt – I then asked the person to start with the ending first….

Its all OK now, but there was a problem!!

The conversation felt so much more relaxed because I was able to understand what this person needed from me. Was it listening, or did I need to take action?

We can’t always influence the start of our day, but have a think about your routine. What makes a good or bad day for you? Is there anything you could change, even to the small stuff, just to make it better for you?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments about what helps you have a good day



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