Information for Employers, GPs, Health Professionals & Insurance Companies

I work with a variety of Employers, GPs, Health Professionals & Insurance Companies. This can be in the form of referrals (to and from), support, individual & team sessions within a workplace.


As a CNHC registered practitioner, check with your corporate healthcare insurance who may pay for hypnotherapy sessions. I am happy to follow practices including invoicing the company direct, or by providing you with receipts so that you can claim your money back.

Health plans that currently agree to fund hypnotherapy include

  • Westfield Health
  • Simply Health
  • Health Shield


I have worked within the housing, care and support sector for 20 years, working with vulnerable adults and managing staff teams. This has been at a senior level, with a variety of providers, throughout London, Essex and Kent. Most recently, I was responsible for managing mental health services across 6 London boroughs.

This experience has enabled me to develop a solid understanding of the stressors found within the workplace, and to enable people to find solutions and coping strategies to combat these.

Over the years, I have gained extensive knowledge and practice in supporting people through a variety of issues such as crisis resolution, bereavement, addictions (alcohol, drugs, nicotine, gambling), anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress and confidence building.

As a Coach, I am able to create rapid change with individuals so if you have one or more employees who would benefit from thereutic coaching, then I am happy to arrange a bespoke package of support.

If you would like to discuss support that I can offer to one or more employees, then please contact me in confidence. Sessions can be arranged at the workplace, at a neutral location or via online methods such as Skype.


If you would like to know more about the support I offer clients, then please get in touch. Supporting people to create change to emotional health and lifestyles can have a huge positive impact on physical health.

I would be pleased to hear from you, If you are a GP, mental health professional such as psychiatrist / CPN or psychologist working with a client (either current or potential). I am accredited by the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council as a hypnotherapist.

It is my policy to write to GPs or health professionals where clients present with certain health conditions. If you would like to discuss how I could work with your patients, then please give me a call. Using therapeutic techniques such as BWRT ®, hypnosis and TFT can resolve trauma and anxiety in just a few sessions.

I would be keen to run support sessions for groups or individual patients including

  • Weight loss coaching
  • Reducing sugar
  • Managing stress, anxiety and depression
  • Quit Smoking
  • Change your relationship with alcohol.
  • Boost Motivation


If you think I can help or would like more information please contact me