Collarbone Breathing
A 2 minute feelgood technique

Collarbone Breathing

Collarbone Breathing

Collarbone Breathing was developed by Roger Callahan, who was the founder of Thought Field Therapy.  I am a Practitioner of TFT and recommend exercises to all of my clients.

Collar bone breathing is useful as a ‘system reset’ button for reducing stress and anxiety and generally helping you feel back in balance.  I recommend that people do it first thing in the morning and just before going to bed as a minimum.  You will see from other blogs that I do presentations to large groups of people – you will always see me do Collarbone Breathing just before!

Collarbone Breathing – here is how…

Finding the Collarbone Point

Notice where you would tie a tie.  Then about 2 centimetres below and then to the left and right – its below the collarbone, and is normally a slightly more softer area.

Breathing positions

There are five breathing positions in this exercise:

  1. Take a deep breath in, and hold it for a couple of seconds
  2. Let half a breath out and hold it for a couple of seconds
  3. Let all out and pause for a couple of seconds
  4. Breath in half for a couple of seconds
  5. Breathe normally

Finding the gamut spot

Back of your hand between ring finger and little finger.  Notice a small indent.  You will be tapping there continuously on either hand.

Thats all you need to know.  Enjoy watching the video and see how it gets put together for the collarbone breathing exercise.

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