Cancer Support

Support on the emotional roller-coaster of a Cancer diagnosis

Perhaps you are newly diagnosed or living with the illness for a longer period of time.  Perhaps you are now in remission or on the recovery pathway. 

Where-ever you are, you may know how it feels to experience the emotions that come from a diagnosis – stress, anxiety, low mood, depression, anger, guilt, fear, worry, wondering whats next….

The Emotional Roller-coaster of Cancer course

This supportive online course is made up of 21 bite-sized videos that you can watch on your phone, ipad or computer, whenever you would like.

Helping you cope with difficult emotions and surviving the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with a cancer diagnosis. 

Included in this course is access to 3 zoom sessions where Liz gives live demonstrations and can answer questions.  

What's Included in the Course?

The course can be accessed for a one-time price of £27. The following will be covered throughout the course:

What resources are included?

Within the resource section of the course, you will find tips and ideas to help you cope with the daily issues a cancer diagnosis can bring. Including:

Frequently Asked Questions

The course costs £27 and is a one time payment with no further costs to access.

You’ll be provided login details for my online course platform once you’ve purchased the course. You can then watch the content on any device (phone, ipad, computer).

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