BWRT – BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®

As an Advanced Level Practitioner – I am confident in being able to help you resolve issues including

• Fears, phobias, and triggered anxiety responses • Stress and Anxiety • Depression • Obsessive and compulsive habits • Changing unwanted negative responses to difficult or challenging situations • Procrastination and motivation • Reducing and eliminating unwanted cravings • Smoking Cessation • Alcoholism, addictions, substance abuse • OCD • Gambling • Eating Disorders, Binge eating / drinking • Bullying

BWRT® is a model of psychology and psychotherapy, created by Terence Watts MCGI. It is based on the amazing speed with which thoughts work in the brain and takes away the emotion, allowing you to change your reaction. Even the results of deep trauma can often be resolved in literally one session. It is completely logical, practical and down to earth, and is content free – all I need to know for it to succeed is what you want to change in your life. You are completely conscious and aware of what is happening at all times. Using the four stage approach from Advanced BWRT®, we work with your core identity to align that little voice inside of you to match the person you present to others.

I am proud to be a founder member of the British BrainWorking Research Society which ensures that my skills and training with BWRT® remain up to date with latest protocols.

“Liz has been helping me using BWRT® and it has made such an incredible difference to my life. After a lifetime of abuse that had convinced me that I was completely worthless I was forever trying to prove myself and put things right. Liz has enabled me to be free of the constant, paralysing dread that I was living in so that I feel normal and comfortable in situations that would previously left me feeling crushed. I cannot recommend Liz highly enough as she has helped me back from a horrible existence to enjoy my future in a positive state of mind.”