Anger Management

I work with people who want to deal with anger in a constructive and healthy way.

What is anger?

Anger is a natural response to feeling attacked or under threat.  Everyone gets angry sometimes and it is a normal, healthy emotion.  It becomes a problem if you can’t keep it under control, and frequently hitting the ‘rage’ button.

So what happens when we get angry?

There is a part of the brain called the amygdala which identifies a problem / trigger and alerts the rest of the brain and body to trigger the emotion of anger, by getting the adrenal glands to release a rush of adrenaline.

  • Blood pressure rises as you send more blood to the brain and muscles
  • Your breathing rate increases (bringing more oxygen into your body), and your muscles tense ready for action.  The heart beats faster to help oxygen, adrenaline and sugar move around your body quicker.
  • More testosterone is produced which increases your natural aggression.
  • Your brain is getting you ready to be able move quickly to fight or flight!
  • You may notice that you are talking louder and faster. That is increasing your heart rate getting you even more worked up.
  • Your heart is beating faster and you are breathing quicker and your body and muscles are becoming tense
  • You feel like you can’t sit or stand still and you notice that you are clenching your jaw or fists.
  • The blood has moved from the frontal lobe of your brain (the talking / logical / rational part) – you find that you are unable to think clearly or process the information.

Your body is ready for action!

What is good about anger?

It gives us a burst of energy, and lets us know when something is crossing our boundaries.  For instance, it helps defend ourselves in dangerous situations or motivates us to make changes.

Is Anger a problem?

A _huge_ problem if a person is constantly getting wound up, irate or angry. It takes a physical toll on the body – constant surges of adrenaline, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate and stress cortisol causes long term damage if not addressed. Getting angry in situations that most people can resolve calmly damages relationships, work prospects, and ability to function safely.  If your anger is causing you problems in your work and home life, then maybe it is time to look for ways to manage your anger.

How do people express anger?

In lots of ways!  Everything from slamming doors, shouting, throwing or hitting things, being physically or verbally aggressive towards others to withdrawing from people and situations or using alcohol and drugs to either calm or fuel the feelings.

What can make someone angry?

A variety of reasons can lead to people being angry. Everyone has their own triggers but common ones include

  • Stress – if you have problems building up, and notice that you are getting more angry – then look at what is stressful in your life
  • Frustration at things that are happening around you, or feeling helpless, disempowered or having a loss of control.
  • Fear – you feel fear inside. Anger is the outwardly expressed emotion.
  • Misinterpreting a situation – flying off the handle for no reason.
  • Experiencing a bereavement or a loss can cause feelings of anger

What can I offer?

I will work with you to help you to identify what causes you to get angry, and develop techniques to reduce or eliminate those responses to situations. Hypnotherapy, BWRT ®, Coaching, Psy Tap (Psychosensory Techniques and Principles) and Counselling all have things to offer a person experiencing unhelpful anger. I will enable you to find new ways to respond to situations and feel more empowered and less helpless or frustrated.

By the end of the first session, you will feel more in control of your anger.

Please give me a call on 07786 134541 to arrange a session or use this link to Contact me here. I hold appointments in my clinic in Westcliff, Essex, or via Skype / online.


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