Alcohol Work

When does someone need an alcohol coach?

Is it time to review your relationship with alcohol?

Are you always saying yes to the extra drink, or have you noticed that you consume more alcohol than friends and family?

Are you noticing that you are drinking to stop stress or other negative emotions?

Does it feel uncomfortable to wonder if you could manage a week or a month without having a drink?

No judgement. Total confidence. 

Let’s see what we can do to cut some units out of YOUR week. Put YOU back in control of what, when and why you drink.

How can I help?

I work with people in 4 areas to help make changes to their relationship with booze, situations like:

Frequently Asked Questions

No – I work with people who have trouble to stick to the recommended limits of alcohol through to people who are daily drinking. Let me put your question in another way – Is alcohol causing you a problem and would you like things to be different? If yes – get in touch with me and see how I can help. If no, then keep doing what you are doing. I am not interested in labels like alcoholic. I am interested in helping you get the relationship with alcohol that you want to have.

No – I work with people who want to reduce alcohol through to people who want total sobriety.  Your choice.  Always.  I will help you set your goals and together we will work towards getting there. 

Please seek medical advice before making significant changes to your alcohol levels, particularly if you have drunk a high level of alcohol on a frequent basis or don’t recall a time of not drinking.  If your body is used to a certain amount of alcohol, you can become very unwell / possibly die if you just stop.  I am happy to talk this through on a free consultation.  Your GP or the local services can help assess whether you may need chemical support for a safe withdrawal or advise you on the safest way to cut down. 

Get in touch and let’s talk about what you need help to sort. I work with YOU as a person on what is causing you an issue.  I particularly support people around alcohol, cocaine, and nicotine.

I have been a therapist for 20 years plus and able to work with you on a huge range of situations which may be causing you to drink more heavily.  If we can sort the root cause, then you may find that your desire to drink reduces.

No – the sessions are confidential and I will not tell anyone without your permission.  I have a duty of care however, so if I was concerned there was a significant risk of harm to you or another person, then I may have to speak to a third party.  I would talk to you about this first, where possible.   

It is 15-30 minutes to talk about your situation, and where I can explain how I may be able to help you.  There is no obligation to book in a session afterwards.  Sometimes, I may suggest other organisations and services which may be useful for you.  

We talk!  We work out some strategies.  We chat about how things are for you.  We work out your habits, triggers and find some ways to deal with them.  If you would like, I can use hypnotherapy and other approaches to help tackle those issues.  A session lasts 75 minutes and costs £100.  The session can be face-to-face or online using zoom.  

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