I have put together some information with my 10 top tips to help you manage anxiety & panic attacks. manage anxiety & panic attacks

Exercise – Following a burst of anxiety, adrenaline and stress cortisol lasts in the blood for up to 24 hours. This can be burnt off through exercise. So get out and get some fresh air. Even if it’s a gentle walk around the block, it will help change your mindset

Eat healthy – even though you may not feel hungry, try to go for healthier options rather than the sugar fix through chocolate, or overloading your plate as a comfort measure.

Practice mindfulness – deep and slow breathing, meditation or learn self hypnosis

Get creative – doing a jigsaw, reading a book or buying some colouring books. Let your brain switch off from the problems

Talk to a friend – get your concerns off your chest and talk through what is worrying you.

See your GP – sometimes medication can help regulate your system, whilst you deal with the problems

Go to a spa, or treat yourself. Having a pamper session of a massage or a facial and feel those muscles unwind

Practice collar bone breathing – look out for my YouTube video.

Morning writing – look out for my YouTube video

Watch out for your caffeine intake. Caffeine increases the heart rate which sends a false message to your brain that there is something to be anxious about.


I hope you have enjoyed these tips to manage your anxiety. I am a qualified hypnotherapist, counsellor, BWRT® Advanced practitioner. I worked in the field of mental health for 20 years before becoming a full time therapist. If you would like to discuss how I might be able to help you overcome anxiety – then please get in touch.  


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