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Liz Sharpe
Qualified therapist specialising in alcohol, cocaine and nicotine.

I apply a wide range of therapeutic approaches to help you get to where you want to be. My Counselling and Hypnotherapy services are fast, effective and move you towards change. I help clients from where I’m based in Essex and use the power of technology to work with clients online.

Who Do I help?

I choose to focus my practice in 2 main areas although I can offer support for a wide range of issues.

I help busy professionals review their relationship with alcohol and make changes.  You may be looking to cut down or quit – or perhaps don’t know what you want to do with your drinking.  Together, we can help you find a way forward, so that you feel more in control.

I help people to recover from the emotional side effects of cardiac disease.. It is so common to feel traumatised, depressed or anxious after a significant illness. If you would like details of this service, then please see my other site  HeartSense Cardiac Counselling

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