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Sometimes in life there are things that prevent us from living life in the way we wish we could. We face barriers and difficulties and sometimes we need a bit of a helping hand in being able to move forward. Each of the therapies offered here provide different methods and techniques in helping you do just that…Live YOUR Life.

Liz is incredible at what she does; one session and I have found a massive improvement! She was lovely to chat to and easy to get on with and certainly knew her stuff. I felt confident in her abilities and comfortable working with her. I cannot recommend her highly enough! LA via facebook reviews Feb 2016

You may be suffering from Acrophobia (fear of heights), want to quit smoking for good or perhaps you wish to break the cyclical pattern of dieting and weight gain followed by dieting? Would you like to feel more in control of your life and future? Maybe you want to overcome feelings of anxiety or feel more confident when in social situations or meeting new people? Whatever your reason for seeking support, I can offer a variety of therapeutic based solutions to make some positive and permanent changes to your life

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